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Found one of the sister CSM's today (1587)


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I was looking around on cars.com today for a used mustang for my son and found one of the the sister CSM's to mine (1588). Thought it was kind of neat and figured i'd share the story. I always wondered where it was? If it was still a good vehicle (wrecked or not) since I've never seen it on the forums. Turns out it's a vert for sale in NC. Maybe one day the new owners will pop up on the forums. Anyway, at least the registrars can make note of it now. I have yet to see 1589 either but who knows? Maybe one day it'll pop up like this one.


link to the car in case anyone is looking for a 08 vert.






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I almost bought this car. I emailed the dealer about trading my 08 Mustang GT in on this

08 SGT convertible. They wanted me to send photos of my car so they could work up an appraisal.

My wife and I were really happy about possibility getting another SGT. I got the Mustang GT all

cleaned and detailed inside and out and sent my photos to them. They really like my GT.

My wife had some questions and called the dealer down in North Carolina. We are Pennsylvania.

Would be a 10 hour drive each way. After talking to the sales manager, she was told that the

SGT Convertible had been sold couple of days earlier. It just wasn't meant to be,

although it was a let down.

So whoever got that car, got a really nice looking Blue SGT Convertible.

Maybe they will show up on the forum some day.

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