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Interest in ordering TS-PCR Banner/Shelby Decals


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High MM, I am so excited that I am going to the 50th Annv. Vegas Bash :yahoo: Unless I win the Lotto or some one is generous enough to donate a chunck of change on my behalf to prep my car for the track, I will be on the sideline taking pictures; trust me when I say I am not complaining, can't wait to see all the members fine cars passing at speed :shift: and I am so ready to be picture happy :camera: Anyways, I am interested in purchasing the TS-PCR Banner for my 65's winshield and want to see / even poss. purchase some Shelby decals. Are they still available? What colors / or can I poss. see some pics? How much? What type of payments are being accepted? Amount of time it takes to ship? I would be proud to show my TS support while driving on this trip :salute: Please let me know. Thank you!


P.S. Even though the new 13' 500s are putting out 650 HP, the 11' / 12' 350s are still the best in my opinion! :worship:

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