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Top Speed for 2013 Shelby GT500 Convertible?


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Yes and I hope is it rated that high reflecting confidence by the engineers. The commentary online from SVT Nameplate Engineer Jamal Hameedi about strengthening the front fascia of the 2012 to withstand the new top speed was awesome.

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I don't believe the '13 GT500 convertible has been announced yet. Spy photos, photoshop work and speculation are all that I've seen so far.


Rumors that it would be shown at the Detroit Auto Show were fail.


Chicago and NY are the remaining big auto shows for the year and I'd expect something at one of them.


It is possible Ford will govern the convertibles max speed if they are worried about aerodynamics. They can't be as good as the hard top with the top up or down. But anything is possible, I'm surprised Ford is letting the hardtop out the door without a governor.


Will be interesting to see if the SVTPP and track pack options are both offered on the convertible as well.

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