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Dreaded "What is it worth" post


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Yeah I know, but I'm seriously thinking about going after this, so with that - what would YOU pay for the following:


2009 GT500 Vert

Tripple Black, stripe delete

3,300 miles

11/21/08 production

Shaker 1000

Ambient lighting


Premium Trim


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Yes I think the OP is looking to buy.


In this market anything is possible, having said that it's possible that the seller may go as low as $30k (unlikely) just depends on how anxious they are. I would go as high as $33-34k no more, but it depends on how bad you want it.


I purchased mine from a collector with 950 miles on the clock and the interior still had that brand new smell (purchased 08/11). The seller was anxious and was asking for $32k I offered $30k and this is what the vehicle was purchased for.


Just depends on the seller and it's always a good idea to negotiate.


Good Luck!




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