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At Crossroads Need input



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  1. 1. Repair, replace, or trade?

    • Repair the damaged parts
    • Replace damaged parts
    • Take the money and trade car, and put both towards a new 2012 loaded
    • Sell unrepaired and use money and repair money on new 2012?

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Hi all,


Well, as some on here already know, I was backed into in a parking lot a few weeks ago. The lady backed up and hit my front passenger side. She damaged the hood, front bumper, and a little warping on the grille, and broke the HID headlight on that side. There seems to be no sturctural damage to the frame or the radiator support, but it has not been taken apart yet.


So now my questions are...


1. Do I just get the parts repaired, and keep it all "original"?(I do have quite a few mods, but still have all the original parts as well)


2. Do I have the damaged parts replaced?


3. Do I take the money from the lady and trade it in on a new 2012 with the SVTPP, Recaro seats, and Nav, that is being offered at a good price, and put them both towards the new car?


4. Do I go ahead and list the car for sale as is and then use that money and the money from the lady on a new 2012 (as stated above)?


The repairs are not disabling, but the bumper has large gashes and a crack, the hood has a pretty good dent and a slight bend/ warp about midway up on the passengers side, the HID turns on (but the case and the mounting bracket are broken), and several plasic clips for the radiator cover are off or broken.


I do love my 2008. I have a lot in her. (clutch, 3.73, FRPP Performance pack, FRPP Handling pack, Smaller Pulley and tune, Shelby Leather Interior, Custom painted center console and trunk mounted tool box), and is almost paid for (19 months left)

The 2012 Has Nav, Recarro seats, the SVTPP, aluminium engine, a waranty (for however long that lasts :peelout: ), and would actually be a lower monthly payment (but would be a new loan and more years of payments in relation to the 2008)


So any advice/ opinions would be appriciated.



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What are the initial repair estimates to replace all of the damaged parts with OEM? How many miles are on your 2008? I would say if ithe repair is extensive and you have high miles, sell it as is and get a great deal on a 2012... or wait for the 2013.

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Take the Money, Buy Used OEM Parts from TS Members, Have them Repainted and install them yourself. The Parts are easy to install, just Hand Tools needed. Then, with the extra Cash, Take the Wife on a nice long weekend trip.

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How much would you expect to get on a trade-in as is with all the damage? You should drive it to a dealer and find out. Even if you repaired it, there would be a vehicle damage report from the insurance claim that would reduce the trade-in value. I expect it would be a weak trade-in now. I would go with the suggestion to get OEM parts and fix/paint it yoursel and wait to trade it for a 2013. Of course this all depends on wether the insurance claim would pay you directly or require you to take to a shop for repair and pay them.

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Make sure her insurance company pays for OEM parts...if her company won't do it correctly, then see if your company will pay for the repairs minus your deductible until they successfully collect from her insurance company. If it was a State Farm claim, then State Farm would be paying for OEM parts directly - no questions asked.


Also, don't forget to demand payment for Diminished Value...that is a required payment by law in GA that all insurance companies MUST pay based on the value of the vehicle, the mileage on the vehicle, how many surfaces were damaged, and the total cost of repair.


I would have it repaired by a professional shop, all with OEM parts, pocket the Diminished Value check as part of your hassle factor for all the legwork....that could be an easy $600 to $1000 alone...so make sure you get what you deserve to get you back to your pre-loss condition. That is what the insurance mechanism is meant to do for you.


With the correct repair job and OEM parts, it will always be easy to sell to the next lucky guy who can drive it like it stole it as well. Be sure to take before and after pictures to show any potential buyers the extent of the damage and condition afterwards...will help overcome the fact that it was damaged when you go to sell it.


PM me if you have any direct questions and if I can help you any. Good Luck!



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Thanks for the input. Still not sure which way to go. So, please keep the opinions coming. As for the insurance issue, it isn't one. The lady was did not have any. It started as a hit and run, but I got lucky because a client of mine happened to be pulling in to a parking spot and saw the lady do it. She got her plates. So, the cops pulled them up on their computer. Now the lady is paying me cash. She gave me half of the money for replacing the parls on thursday, and the other half is coming before the end of the month. She runs a restaurant in the same center I work, so she has to pay otherwise the cops will come and pick her up and I will have to prosecute her for hit and run and then sue her for non payment. In the state of Texas a hit and run, on an unoccupied vehicle, for a first time offende,r carries a penalty of up to 3 months in state prison, a loss of your license for 6 months and a minimum of a $200 fine.

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Ok, first, for those of you who think I should trade, what problems (clutch, suspension, trans, etc.) can I expect to run into with the 2012? I have already dealt with all of it with the 2008, and would not want to go through it again. (After fighting with Ford twice, I finally replaced the dlutch myself with a SPEC clutch.)


Second, even with the diminished value, I should at least get more than I owe on the Shelby. Part of the reason that I am really thinking about keeping it (don't owe much).

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If it were me I would get rid of it and get a good deal on a loaded 2012. I have a 2012 with SVTPP and Recaro's and love it. From my own experience I can tell you that once a car is repaired I never feel the same about it, but that's just me.



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