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Adding the Stripe kit on the 07 Need info Help


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First what is the distance down on the side panels from the body edge break that the SHELBY GT 500 stripe(s) start?


Second is the Fake gas cap 3M adhesived applied or bolted on from somewhere under the truck latch?

I've removed the latch already and looked but can't seem to see anything obious?


starting on the hood tomorrow and pulling the insulation off (carefully) so I can remove the vents and spray nozzles


already pulled the Serious radio antennia off and the brake light lens out just in case they need to wrap in and around those


being charged by the hour so the easier I can make it for them the better for the wallet!


help if you could please.



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The Faux Gas Cap uses the Gray 3M Body Molding Tape. PLUS there are 2 Pins that push into Clips. To remove one of mine, I used a 1 inch Putty Knife and gently pushed it under the Faux Cap seperating the Tape from the Cap (NOT the Tape from the Body). Pushing the Putty Knife all the way to the Pins. I did this all the way around the Cap. Then I had to use a medium sized flat screw driver to carefully pry off the Cap. The Pins are tight in the Clips. The hardest part will be to remove the Gray Body Molding Tape from the Body once the Cap is removed. Then you have to apply new Gray Tape to the back of the Cap to reinstall it. You can get the Gray Tape at just about any Parts House. Take your time and it should be fine. Good luck.

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