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the New 07 is getting a face lift


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well, made some progress this weekend getting the car to my personal liking!


Before (at 13150 miles 3 weeks ago at dealer) I know kind of plain but still a Shelby




I was not very satisfied with the ride and after reviewing a few post about tires the Goodyear F1's had to go, the backs were really showing some ware and that concerned me anyway


but went with Nitto's because of reviews and they provided both front and back

Got my guy at D.T. to make me a deal I couln't refuse and the money spent was well worth it... Much Better!


Then went to my Muffler Man... no not "Muffin Man"

and got a custom built 40 series Flowmaster axle back system with double wall 4" tips to top off the look and fill the hole.

Much better sound.. now she really does sound like 500 plus Horse


intallers are coming by to add the Mate Black stripe kit to the car on Thursday and then Photo's will be taken


so now If I can just get the detail shop to send the guy over that does all of the buff work before the installers show up

really want to put some clean up to the paint before the stripes go on.


I'm sure I can find a spot for a few after photos soon

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i might only be a novius (spelling?) at being a Shelby owner and have lots I am willing to learn

I'm a very experienced Ford owner

this is my 18th Ford in 15 years, all being those desired models or nice truck models, collection included several GT's, Saleen's, Supercharged Tbird's, SHO's and quite a few nice old trucks. still have my 66 F100 that I built myself into an award winning show truck.

and since I'm a good stepfather he gets to drive my 05 Steeda SVT Focus.


Now, I'm out here pulling the items off that the stripe kit really need to go under, started on the trunk and I would of thought the Fake gas cap would of been bolted on ??? but no sign of visabe bolts


is it adhesive applied?

if so it will stay on and the installers will have to work around it?


they will be here Thursday, coming to the house which is great for me and leaving it sit while drying process works


if someone can help let me know


I'm still waiting on Ford to call me they have added my picture to the "wall of fame" in the Ford Museum!

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It has adhesive with two guilding posts on either side of the center emblem at 9 and 3 oclock....I would use a hair dryer to heat it up then use dental floss or fishing line. That's my best guess...Good Luck and have fun with your car....

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