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Gauge Feedback Needed


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I've been having a ball working with DashWare to integrate some on-board video and data logging to create video archives of some of my track runs. The software is pretty spiffy - and supports superimposing telemetry and performance data on-screen. It comes with a variety of stock gauge templates (analog, digital, dial, bar, etc.) but also has the ability to support custom gauge creation.


I've been futzing around with a basic GT500 template to which I'll incorporate further data elements later. But for now, I just wanted to create what I thought looked like a reasonable representation of a GT500 instrument panel - that would make for a decent starting point.




Again, this is only a very rough first draft, but I'd appreciate any thoughts, comments or suggestions.



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It looks nice as is. Only thought, and I just throw this out there, is would it look better from a usability perspective to have the MPH and RPM guages more centered within each 'pod'? Perhaps not all the way centered but a little more puished to the sides?


I'm interested in seeing how it all comes together. Keep us posted.

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