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Wheel and tire question (track days)


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Looking for a little help from the group...

I am new to modifying and do not want to make a mistake :idea:


We have open track days out at Firebird Raceway in Az and I am getting killed by the cars running slicks on the road courses :angry2:


Based on my budget, I want to run either Enkei PF01 18x9.5 fronts and 18x10.5 rears or RPF1 18x9.5 fronts and 18x10 with Nitto NT01's.


My questions is;


[1] Would either combination work?


[2] What would be the best offset based on the brembo brakes? I have not upgraded the brake system.

[a] PF01 have the 18x9.5 have an offset of 45mm (same as our stock wheels) but the 18x10.5 have an off set of 38mm

RPF1 have the 18x9.5 at an offset of 45mm and 18x10 have an off set of 38mm

[c] or do I need to keep it the same all around the car with the 45mm offset


[3] Then if it did work, which Nitto NT01's tire would be best 275/40 or 275/35? If the 18x10.5 works then I would but on 315x30


Any and all feedback would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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I do HPDE/timetrialing with my 2010...you can not beat Hoosier R6s if you dont mind switching out at the track. I run 265/35/19s and 295/35/19s. You can stagger your tires, but remember you will get more understeer with bigger size difference between the front and back...Have fun and stay safe!



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Thanks again for the feedback fellow members! It looks like the PF01 18x9.5 with the 45mm offset will be best for what I want to do. Now the question is; do I pony up for the Hoosiers R6's or BFG R1 or play it safe with the NT01's... If only my wife would increase my allowance :superhero: ... As far as the power question; I have not made any changes to the car thus far. The standard 550 is plenty for my ability right now...

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