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Are there any Shelby Alcoa Wheels For Sale


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Didn't the KR come with Alcoas?



Yep, but 18", not the 20" like the Super Snake has.


Good luck on finding a set. I bought a full set of 4 when Shelby announced they were discontinued and I see a lot of others did the same thing.


I have a feeling that if you find a set, you'll have to pay a premium.


If you're missing the original 18" GT500KR Alco's you can buy a set from Shelby with proof of KR ownership. At least you COULD, not too long ago.


I have a set on my 2010 GT500 but I'm not tired of them yet so they're not going anywhere.




Phill Pollard

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Thanks for the info, Yeah I do have the stock Alcoa KR wheels, but to me the super snake wheels look so much nicer and they fill up the wheel well nicer.. I dont see why they would discontinue this wheel, especially if there is such a demand for them.. I must have called twenty different places trying to find them, and they all give my the same answer, (good luck trying to find them, they sold out almost instantly, and it seems everybody had a waiting list for them).

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