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Like a kid at Christmas!

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Just took my airbag cover off today and sent it in for Mr. Shelby's John Hancock. I wanted to thank the board for help on this. The search engine on this forum rocks! If it wasnt for you all's post I would have not been able to do it! Thanks All! I cant wait to get this thing back. I am still waiting for my signed registar with my vin number. It has been about three weeks so hopefully it will be here soon.


I love this damn car!


Have New Year Board!



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Thanks for sharing this. I want to do the same thing like asap.


Where did you find the instructions to remove the cover. I tried to search by entering airbag, air bag cover but no help; I do recall several guys had this on our site and did a really good job of describing the removal and reinstallation but for the life of me I cannot find.


Can you send me link for instructions for removal. I guess i could look in my haynes manual but doubt if they tell me de to nature of the part. I'll look there as well.


Thanks Much!


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The following are the instructions I used .....



Make sure you disconnect the battery before removing your airbag. You don't want the thing going off in your face when you're trying to remove it. Also, always carry the airbag facing away from you...never know what'll happen.


1. Disconnect negative battery cable. I usually wait at least 10-15 minutes after this before proceeding further.

2. Open the glove box and release it by pushing inward on the sides tabs. Let it lower completely.

3. Looking up from under the dash, disconnect the plug/harness on the bottom of the airbag.

4. Using a socket (7mm i think??), remove the two screws/bolts on the bottom of the airbag.

5. Now you have to remove the airbag by releasing the clips that secure the cover. Reaching up into the opening, you can feel behind the cover and where the clips are. Release them by simply pushing outward on them. Then remove the airbag assembly by sliding it out.

***Be careful not to scratch your dash when removing the airbag.***

6. Now for removing the cover. Using a flat-head screw driver and a bit of muscle, squeeze the top edge of the cover and unhook the rubbery cover from the tabs securing it to the airbag. Again, be careful! Don't want it to pop on ya. Once the top is released, do the same for the bottom...and there you are!


Now you can reinstall the airbag (in reverse order)




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