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UPS brought me a present


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post-10626-0-90115400-1325187466_thumb.jpgA few new Carroll Shelby signed 2010 - 2012 airbag covers were up for sale on Ebay before Christmas and a couple went for the $800.00 range which was too much for my liking.


I waited for the last seconds to tick down before bidding on this one and got it for roughly the same price I would have paid for a new cover and the signature but without the shipping costs back and forth and waiting the lead time to be signed.

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$800 bucks WOW.


I may have to send off a few to get signed and keep them as an investment....in 20 years they might be priceless



Yea I agree..lol..


The signature is $250.00 + the air bag cover here is over $200.00 and there is freight both ways so I probably paid 10 to 15 % more but it was worth that just to have it in hand in a couple of days.


They all started out with a $700.00 "buy it now" price but soon had exceeded that when the bidding started.


I guess people thought they would get them for much less.


I'm sending my original air bag cover in for a signature in the New year and will probably just keep it as a display item with my other Shelby goodies..

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