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My Shelby GT got some long needed attention.

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I've been coasting on the SGT's maintenance for some time while my attention been focused on the getting the Boss's broken in and track ready this year.


Anyway, I spent the last couple of days taking care of:


1. Sparkplugs. I finally swapped out the platinum plugs for the FRPP Zeros. I should have had this done when I had the SC upgrade done, but I wan't really all that worried about it since I wasn't racing the car.


2. Differential oil. I used Ford Motorcraft 75w140 full synthetic and some friction modifier. I couldn't believe how the thick factory stuff was that came out of the differential.


3. Suspension lube. I just put a quick shot of teflon based lube in the bushings. Hopefully this will take care of some suspension noises I've been hearing lately.


4. Brake fluid. I put in Brembo LCF600, which is overkill for this car, but I had some on the shelf leftover from getting the B-cars ready for the track. I couldn't believe some of the stuff that came out in the old fluid - black particulates and the amount of air bubbles.


5. Engine oil and filter. I use Mobile 1 full synthetic and a Ford filter. It was time for a change due to time and not milage.


And of course in typical fashion, it started to rain as soon as I put away my tools. I'll have to wait till tomorrow (at least) till I get to drive her to how things came out.


Hopefully this post will plant some ideas for those who have put off some long needed maintenance as I did. Let me know if I forgot something or if you have an idea of something that should be checked.



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