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Timing is everything.


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Day one of owning a Shelby (yesterday)...


Picked it up, drove to lunch with the Misses, drove home and put it in the garage (as

we had a Crimmus gathering) with the promise of taking it out for drive on day two.


Day two of Shelby ownership (today)....


Woke to the sound of a snow plow/salt truck clearing snow from my street.

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Just keep rubbing it in West Coast guys!



I'm on the east coast uptate NY and I still drive my car in winter weather but not in snow. Due to my wife not letting me buy a new set of all seasons tires. She states that my tires still have a lot of thread on it. So, I do burn outs in the drive in front of her !!! :hysterical:

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We were supposed to get snow starting Thursday afternoon. I stopped for a diet coke on the way home as it had not yet started. I could see spits in the headlights as I pulled up the driveway at 5:00. By bed time there was just a dusting. At 2:00AM snow check it hadn't accumulated more than about 1/2 inch total [i can tell because the stress cracks in the driveway were still visible]. By now we probably have 12--14".


At 7:00 when I got up we had almost 10 inches, maybe more. I got to work but plan on leaving early (that was going to happen anyway) and get the snow blower out. I wish I had my skid loader !


And no, I'm not getting the GT out to spin cookies in the snow.

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