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What brand of oil ???


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Read the synthetic is to be 5W-50 (?!) The dealer chastised me for using 5W-30

in my SCrew with a 5.4L. Any particular brand is the choice? Mobil One?

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Hey guys,

Head over to the Ford Shelby GT500 forum: www.fordgt500.com (type in Search box Redline 5w50)



Follow this link and read the extensive 20+pages of very good information about what oils your machine should use.(Engine,Transmission,Rear Diff)





UNLEASHED is very smart - I have used his information exclusively, and my car runs fantastic!

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Why not stick with the People, who made the engine. Motorcraft with filter about $70.00 plus tax (I do my own changes). Amsoil makes a European blend that starts at 5w.

I would say anything, but Mobile 1, as it promotes oil burning in LS engines (yes, I know the GT500 is not a LS, but just saying).

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