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MMS Muffler Install ?

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Same question Randy had earlier on installing Alex's MMS mufflers on SGT


The FRPP GTA muffler has a notch in it that fits over a button the exhaust pipe

But the MMS has no notch

Per Alex the GT500 exhaust does not have the notch, which is why the MMS is notchless


So, should I cut a notch or not?

Dang too many "n's"


If yes, guess a die grinder then finish up with dremel tool


Any other suggestions?





Picture of the FRPP


Picture of the exhaust pipe with the button & MMS slid on


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I finished the MMS mufflers install this morning


The notch & button on the exhaust pipe turned out to be a non-issue

The flange on the FRPP GTA's is slightly longer than on the MMS mufflers, so it goes past the little button thing on the exhaust pipe

Whereas the fitment on the MMS ends exactly flush with the button, so no need to notch the pipe


On another install note, the clamps that come with the MMS match up perfect with the slots in the flange

I was going to use the FRPP clamps given they are wider, but they are wider than the slots in the flange so it didn't seem to be a good match up


After finishing the install I grabbed my keys & wallet but the wonderful Pacific NW rain beat me to a test drive

Usually I don't mind driving the SGT occasionally in the rain, which is definitely a reality in the NW

But the temp is too close to freezing and the Goodyear F1 tires definitely do not like to get their feet cold



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