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Bleeding the brake system


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Want to bleed the brake system, anyone have any ticks/tips they can share with me?

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When I put my Baer 6S front brakes on I just gravity bled the system.


Open your MC cap and top off the brake fluid.


Open the bleeder screw closest to the MC (inside Drivers side bleeder screw). Wait until fluid starts to come out and close the screw.


Repeat above proceedure with outside Dr. side caliper bleeder screw, then inside Pass. side then outside Pass. side.


Pump brakes up a few times to pressurize system.


Repeat above proceedure just to insure ALL air bubbles are eliminated (most likely they are).


Top off brake fluid BETWEEN EACH BLEEDER SCREW OPENING and again after all 4 are bled.


Piece of cake and it only takes one person to do it that way.


FWIW, the passenger side seemed like it took FOREVER to get fluid to. I almost thought I wouldn't get it bled that way, went and pumped the brake pedal a couple of times and went back to finish the Pass. side without further issues.


If you have compressed air at your disposal, blow out the bleeder screw openings and cap them with rubber caps. If you don't have compressed air, use a can of Brakleen with a small spray hose on it to clear the BF out with.





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