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Great technical write-up: 13' GT500


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Very long but interesting tech article on the 13' GT500


Road & Track | Sean Bailey


It’s going to be hard to keep quiet. This is being written on June 17th, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. I’m on my way back from the Nürburgring, where I was a member of the Ford SVT Shelby GT500 development team for a day—a lucky 200 pounds of ballast for repeated laps in the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500 development mule as it careened around the track. Only a few days earlier I’d seen spy photos of the very same car, and speculated about twin turbos and an independent rear suspension. I was wrong, and now I’ve had to hold my tongue about the truth for five long months—a difficult task for any journalist.



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This is the Road and Track article. A link or some sort of indication as to the original author should always be posted when quoting someone elses work. Plagiarism is not good. Copying this much of the original article is very bad form even if you supply an attribution.



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