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Scottish guy in US looking to buy a Shelby


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Hi there !


I have recently moved to NYC and would love to buy a Shelby Mustang but I have lots of questions which I am hoping you guys can help me with. So without further ado and hope you guys don't mind, I will list them bleow and any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


1) How easy is the process of buying a car here ? If I bought new, typically what are the add-ons to the price I can expect to pay ? What if I bought an out of state car, does that complicate things ? What if I bought a used car and it has a lien on it, how can I make sure the lien gets repaid ? Any things I should look out for if being from an individual rather than a dealership ?


2) Now, I can't afford a 'snake, but should I buy a GT500, GT or a GTS ? Should I buy a supercharged GT ? I guess it will depend on what I'm looking for... The car will be parked up during the week and will be used for me and my wife to explore the US at weekends and on holidays, I want to have a big smile on my face every time I get in the car.


3) What options are most desirable when it comes to resale ?


That;s it for now guys, sorry for the long list of questions and thanks in advance for any help.


I'm now off to investigate getting an NY state driving licence which I'm told for a "resident alien" is a painful process !!


Thanks again.

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Always buy a car with a clear Title, makes things 100 times easier. Some states don't issue Titles unless you ask and tell them you want one.


As for buying a Shelby its best to go look at others and see what you like then choose

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Welcome to TS. Lots of folks with good info. You can by a GT500 from the dealer. That being said, this car has not been touched by Shelby in Las Vegas but this may not be an issue for you. The super snake, GT350, GTS can be all done after base car is purchased and you get a CSM # if that is important. Or you can by a used KR (many new ones are still on the lots), SGT, GT-H, GT500 40th or even a SS which all have been upfitted by Shelby. As all have mentioned, Clear Title is important.


That being said, all are great cars. You will need to figure out what you really want. For me as an example, I always loved the 1966 Shelby GT350-H. Could not afford a real one so I was going to make a clone. Then I found 2006 H0050. It was my 50th birthday, so I bouhgt the 2006 40th anniversary GT-H used with 23 K on the odometer. later I sent it to Vegas and had it supercharged with a Paxton much like what was done in the 60s. I am sure there are lots more reasons why folks bought what they have. All this said, I sure like the vista blue KRs also.


Good luck with the car search and don't hesitate to ask questions. Many great folks with lots of information here.

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I would buy new from a dealer, you can not order a 2012 Gt500 as they are all built. They only make 5,500 and thats it. There are some still left in dealers, as for options they do offer some I would go to the ford site or a dealer so you can see them. If you buy the car from a dealer out of New York state you will have to flip the out of state title to a New York title, but if you get a New York dealer to find an out of state car for you the dealer should take care of getting you a New York Title. If you want to order a 2013 you will not get it until Sept. of 2013 or maybe later. I will tell you they are a blast to drive but not in snow so you may need another car for that.......welcome to the USA my friend and good hunting on your GT500 quest.

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