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Relocation Brackets for rear lower control arms - 08 GT500


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Need some assistance with install of LCA relocation brackets. These are Steeda weld in brackets. Seems even the boltin brackets are recommended to be welded in place too.


I am planning to remove the rear axle from the car and will be doing UCA and LCAs. The instructions for the weld in relocation brackets (link below) indicate tack welding in place and confirm the wheel base while doing so. This is when the axle is still in the car. Has anyone installed these weld in brackets while the axle is out of the car? I am thinking of an angle measurement or some other reference point that will ensure the they get installed at the right angle.

Thanks for the help in advance.




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I would bolt them in first and then tighten them to spec with the weight on the suspension. Then weld.


BTW - welding is only necessary for really extreme duty - i.e. a car with sub 1.60 sec 60' times.


I have had bolted in brackets on my 06 for over three years, lots of track days (road course) and zero issues.

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Funny, every time I see someone link a pdf from Steeda, the link doesn't take you there. I assume that you were linking these, yes?



Follow the directions. Verify alignment settings and weld.


Of importance - these need to be welded, absolutely. Steeda's brackets are pure cantilever design and increase the moment over the stock hole location due to more favorable leverage (via the longer bracket). They don't utilize an additional welded tab to shore up the increased bending moment.


On Edit...why do you have to weld the brackets with the axle out of the car?

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I was going to clean up the axle and paint it, that was why I was going to remove it. I think I will now fit up the new parts and tack weld in place. Then complete the weld once I have the axle out of the car. Sounds like the safest plan.

These relocation brackets have to be welded, ase there is only one bolt.

Thanks for the help.

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