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Beagles See Sun and Grass for the First Time

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Family pets are....just that: Family. I need not say more about that !


Last night a neighbor 4 acres away from my acre lot called me. She was crying. She let her 9 year old Shelty dog out to go potty. It was in the low 30's. After a few minutes she could not find the dog. She called me 1-1/2 hours after she could not find the dog. It was dark and 9pm at night. She asked me to keep an eye open for her dog.


I immediately got dressed and put a leash on my dog Harley and grabbed my big flash light. We have coyotes in our area so I was worried of what I might find. After an hour of looking in the fields and tree lines, a set of eyes was spotted as my flash light scanned the area. I thought it was a cat....but It was Cindy Lou. She was trapped in the brier bushes and thistles and would not move. It was odd that she did not bark while we were looking for her. She was so glad to see my dog Harley and the owner was over joyed.


It felt so good to walk home knowing that we found her.

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