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Quiet in here lately


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Well, killing off the Terlingua kind of has that effect. I WISH I could have gotten the TRT treatment on my 2012. I guess I'll just have to "live" with getting a GTS.



May you enjoy that GTS as I bet you will!! Sounds like a great car to me.






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Nothing to do with Shelbys, David; just some "local color" in Terlingua, complete with acoustic music on The Porch.





Oh, now I understand, I do not know the name, maybe a face if I saw them maybe not. Thanks for asking.


Frank I just looked at the FB page at home on a bigger screen and I have seen these "folks" in the area. Well one folk and one dog, LOL. I do not know him, the folk, or the dog actually, but they have come by our TPS car show and I see them cruising with the dog in the passenger seat of the motorcycle now and then


The Dog is always sitting up, wearing googles, and looks happy best I can tell.


Cool, thanks for sharing!




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