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Shelby Headrests from Champion Mustang

IA Shelby

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I have a set installed, Looks great, Quality is very good and match is good too.... I think they are a nice addition!


+2 on the pics. Since my car is in storage under cover, ...do our headrests have a button that you press and they pull out of the seat?? I assume these pop back in the same way?


Also did you see that champion now has rear head rest covers to match. What do you guys/gals think about doing all 4 or just the two front seats?


Trying to find the balance between unique touch but not "pimp my ride".

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Thank you very much for taking the time to illustrate the removal process.


Yes, I admit I learn better from pictures. Your headrests look great. I am sold on the front.


What do you thinking about getting matching covers for the rear on a 2011? I have a 2011 and looks as if the rear headrest design of the 11 might be work easier than the 07-09


Thanks again for sharing!

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