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Black on black


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I just put on some new wheels and tires on my 2012 shelby, some all season tires that are nice to ride on. While looking around i found some local wheels, that for all 4 wheels, would cost me the same ($350) as 1 wheel i just bought. I don't love them, but I would like to get a set of wheels to send off and widen the rears. The fronts are 20 X 9, Rear 20X 10. Its the color thats getting me, glossy black with a black car. Is it too much? I really prefer the look of the stock wheels that i have and gunmetal finish. What do you think? Worth buying all 4 to widen and use wider tires, or scratch the idea.


The other issue is the fronts barely, barely don't clear the brake caliper. I could put a shim on these...

Thanks for the input.


The photo is the wheel only without tire, just looking at the color and if they would fit around the brake.





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