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tuner question

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i don't know if the ford rep i was talking too knew what he was talking about but i need verification. can i buy a sct tuner and put tunes on my car with it i was told i could not. i'm just wondering b/c some how the shelby tune that comes on the car isn't working and i ask the question of couldn't i just get my own tuner to fix it and i was told that would not fix it.

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You should be able to buy any brand of tuner, with any type of tune you want (Street, Track, Strip, Valet)... The tuner itself will store the OEM Ford tune during initial setup... But since it is non-functional (assumption = stock airbox vs FRPP cold air) it really doesn't matter anyhow... Your ECM will be loaded with a tune that is now calibrated for the increased air flow (CAI) and the free flowing exhaust system... Personally, I have used the SCT w/Brenspeed tunes...


However, you should be able to go to your local FORD Dealer and have them re-load the correct SHELBY Tune for your 2007 SGT... Even if it is out of warranty, all you need to pay for is the 30-min of shop time for them to flash your ECM... Good Luck!

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