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More questions???


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OK, I'm learning.


There's a KR that I'm loking at the has installed the brake duct work and THREW AWAY the box. Does Ford Motorsport or Shelby still offer this accessory to purchase new? I don't mind the install, just want to have "ALL" the original stuff.


How are you going to buy the "original owner" mod? :hysterical:

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Good, that answers that issue.


Now I gotta see what type of floor mats the KR has so I can make sure those didn't change or disappear..





Same as the ones in ALL the Shelby GT's (R-8R33-6313010)...


Unique Parts List


Should be black OEM-style with the "SHELBY" logo in the corners nearest the door sill...


Still Available at SAI...

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It may seem that way. Didn't do it on purpose but when "most" of the members have read the original post, they may not go back to the thread to "see" if there is any "new" questions.....


Plus, when I have these questions, at the time it seems "so" different from the last thread that I just start a new topic to freshen the thought process.

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