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2007-2009 GT500 Front License Plate brackets


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There is a better solution. A retractable motorized license plate holder. Retract it so it's not displayed, then if you get pulled over, flip it up prior to stopping and then politely say to the Officer that you do have a front plate , and ask "What did it fall off or something?" and then he'll walk up to the front and then see it.. Then drive away happy with out a tag, unless you have a suspended license or something else wrong.... here is the link to it:


Front Plate Only...

To order it:




Video demonstration:




Or if you want to hide both plates like if you were showing your vehicle at a car show and you don't want anyone taking pictures of your plate here is the link for that product:



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Nice clean brackets, I made a similar mounting version myself back in 08, but no where near a fancy as yours.

The thing I really like about them is that they look nice and will not create any hassles for you on the street.

Most strip or track guys will just remove the front plate for events, if maximum air flow if needed.


The flip designs are not very practical, just a matter of time before a speed bump or driveway entrance damages your front plate or bracket.

I already have multiple scrapes under my front splitter and they are not from curbs either as I avoid them.

The polarizing or lcd style plate obscurers are a neat technology, but have a kind of slimey ring to them, especially when you read the description.

Not a fan of the plastic covers either, just another thing that you may be picked on for if you do get pulled over.


Also, it is not a very smart idea to try and make any law enforcement officers look foolish, if you treat them with respect usually they will return the favour.

It has worked for me so far.

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