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Lower Control Arms

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Any opinions or experience with changing out the stock lower control arms with Steeda,BBK or Shelby control arms?


Is the upper control arm change necessary if changing the lower arms?



It depends on what price you want to pay and do you want adjustable set up and what you plan on doing with your car. The upper arm is again what you plan to do but any up grade is always either better than stock. When doing adjustable arms you have to know what your doing when setting up the adjustments the install is easy for a tech from there you can decide on that for yourself. It's basically remove and reinstall the right tools make it easier to do.

I went with BMR non adjustable and left the upper alone and installed panhard adjustable for proper body to rearend alignment. I don't track my car just for cruising some beatings. Steeda is great quality and costly , BBK great products great pricing



I'm sure someone else will chime in with my infor for you

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Steeda billet.





I have the Steeda billet, 555-4406.


Here is my suspension set up. Post #13



The Shelby LCA look nice too.



I would recommend installing the CHE relocation brackets too.






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I installed the Shelby lower control arms. The new design is an improvement to the old design because it provides a place to route the emergency brake cable. -Kevin



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