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great car picture


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we're all car entusiast here so i wanted to share a pic of a non Ford product froma recent show i participated in at the Georgia Aquarium.It was an invitation only show and i brought my 65 GTO--bt their feature car was the original Mako Shark car from the 61 Auto Show inNYC__I was there with my dad.GMallowed the car to be shown here 2 weeks ago and i got a shoy thats worth looking at==hope yu like it--the real shark in the picture is one of the whale sharks at the aqaurium--the show was in a ballroom adjacent to the Big Tank

PS A beautiful 69 Shelby won best of show--there was an original onwer 427 cobra, and a Boss 302 Laguna heres pics of some of the Ford products





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Terrific shot... from back in the day when the cars Chevy made were funded by the cars it sold, before it spent itself into bankruptcy, screwed-over everybody whom it owed a nickel and got to recapitalize itself for tens billions of dollars all over again.


You'd think the cars it makes today would be SO terrific that nobody would even WANT to remember glorious classics like The Mako.

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