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Pirelli P-Zero Nero A/S Tires


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I'm looking for an alternative set of all-season tires that have high-performance properties that I don't necessarily intend to push. I'm basically looking for an inexpensive set to shoe a set of "show" wheels and the P-Zero Neros seem like an exceptional value.


I'm surprised by how well they performed under tirerack.com's comparison testing - given some of the tepid user reviews. A set of 19" P-Zeros goes for about $700-$800 after rebates, compared to $1,100-$1,200 for a comparable set of Pilot Sport A/S, Pole Position A/S, ExtremeContact DWS, and other well-respected UHP-A/S tires.


Has anybody run these on their 2010-2012 GT500 who can give some feedback on their performance?


P.S. I've also been looking at the General G-MAX AS-03's, but can't quite wrap my head around Generals on my GT500, no matter how good the value or how aggressive-looking the tread.

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