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Buying a used KR


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"With S/H plan on paying in the 4K range for a new splitter"


Why so much? Are the regular GT500 splitters that expensive?


Damn! I was thinking just today that I ought to take it off just to be safe anyway.


I don't drive fast enough that it matter if it is there anyway.



The KR splitters are a propietary design and as such are restricted to KR owners. They are carbon fiber.


The SS splitters are also carbon fiber but a slightly diferent shape and available to anyone for around 500.


The regular GT500 splitter is plastic and available at any dealer for around 130.

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How's it run and drive ??




Fantastic! I couldn't be happier. My stock 2009 GT500 is a distant memory now. I love all the improvements made to the base GT500 in this KR. I considered modifying my GT500 but came to the conclusion that I would never be happy until I owned a KR. I wanted one when they came out but couldn't pull the trigger. I'm glad I finally did. The KR is exactly the car I would have hoped to mod my Gt500 into. To me the KR is perfect the way it is.

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Congrats! Enjoy the ride!! Fastest color, too! lol



Yes, Yes fastest color! Great car. :rolleyes:

Shelby (3-26-11) 008.JPG

Shelby (3-26-11) 008.JPG

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