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JLT Big Air Intake tested on 2011 5.0 Whipple 525 kit

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I figured this would be good info for your GT350 owners seeing how it's the same set up for you.

JLT Big Air Intakes are also available from the Shelby Mod Shop.


We had the opportunity to get a local 2011 GT with the FRPP 525 Supercharger kit on the dyno for some testing.

The car base lined some pretty impressive numbers with 477 RWHP and 393 RWTQ.

Just to see what mod gave what, we then added a tune and picked up 19 RWHP and 9 RWTQ bringing it to 496 RWHP and 402 RWTQ, not bad!


What we really wanted to test was our JLT Big Air Intake, so we bolted that on and made some tune adjustments for the 123mm MAF. The intake swap netted an additional 26 RWHP and 14 RWTQ alone, for a total gain of 45 RWHP and 23 RWTQ.


We have got reports of these gains from several dealers using the product, but now we were able to see for ourselves.


This kit is available in Carbon Fiber, textured plastic and color matched to your car and fits all FRPP, Whipple and Roush blower equipt 5.0's


Carbon Fiber $469

Textured Plactic $349

Color Matched $399


If you have any questions just let me know,




Video of the test:






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