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Request from guys that put in the KR H or PHRP H and still have stock "X" around


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I am wanting to do a little experimentation with a mock up crossover box similar to what prochamber has. Because of the angle the GT500 comes in/out at the crossover it is basically opposite the design that prochamber does on the other stangs so I am going to have to get creative.


I am basically wanting to make it a bolt in section like the KR & PHRP has so if I don't like I can clamp either back with the stock or go with one of the other H's that is already out there. I know this may be a waste of time but it is my time to waste. :)


So if any of you guys still have the stock "X" section laying around and have not trashed it yet and don't care to keep I was wondering if I could get it from you if I pay the shipping which should be under $10-15. I should not need but a couple. One to use as a jig fit up and the other to cut up.


The prochamber claims a big increase but that was years ago comparing to old designs so I doubt anything I do will improve performance. I am looking to see if I can come up with something that has a unique sound even more improved over the deeper "H" versions. I wont be testing the performance anyway so if it helps I will never know. Just plan on sound clips before/after and such.

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