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2008-2009 Shelby GT500KR Air Filter


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THANKS Robert!

Say, what is the deal w/ these losing their nice blue color and FADING bigtime once you install them?? (I bought my KR in early/Mid '09 off the Showroom floor and it had gone "gray" or faded so I thought from the sun as the dealer had the Hood OPEN on it usually and it was right in front of their window so I figured the sun faded it.) I talked to my Dealer and he wasn't sure but had me bring in the "old one" and he got me a brand new bright blue one like you show; I installed it happily and within 6 weeks it was also FADING...it's not from driving the car either as I've still got no real miles on the car at all; it's garaged etc. It's just a puzzling mystery to me...

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