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Anti theft indicator light on insturment cluster flashing


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The anti theft indicator light on the IC started flashing today with the car unlocked.

I have never seen this light on before but it prob was flashing when car was locked.

Now it flashes once about 2 seconds with doors locked or unlocked,.

It goes out if I turn the key on.


Car is a 2008 GT500 with 16,000 miles one owner.


Any ideas??? Did I do something to make this happen??


I read the owners guide page 91 ,l but the light still fashes with the doors unlocked!!



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What??? I've owned this car for 7 years and this is the very FIRST time the light has flashed! It's flashing all the time the car is not running! Is this normal? It hasn't been for my car for the last 7 years. Freaking me out!

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Someone said that the light blinks letting you know that the ignition won't start without the chipped key... it has nothing to do with the actual alarm going off when the doors are locked and someone opens it. Its also a visual for anti-theft. Not totally sure but thats the response I got from the dealership.

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