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WELL !!! having the new hood scoop put on 10/10/2011,,, I'll down load the same picture,,,,,,, It looks like the black grill is coming off the hood ?. The hood scoop is in place by the pop-rivets, With the pressure of the scoop being pop- riveted on the hood is moving as it gets HOT !!!. Before the new hood scoop was put on we used epoxy on the speed nuts,and Permatex rtv silcone, on both sides under the front part of the scoop, and also along the under side, top part of the scoop before install. Am thinking this is the only thing holding the black grill on @ this time. It has not broken loose yet ;) I have talked to a few people on hear and ask them to look @ the front of the scoop, while cool and then take the car for a short trip, and then look @ the scoop again.. all have said the grill is coming off the hood !!! Want to thank SA and everyone for there help in this matter. I may take the drill off next spring Thks T/

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