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What have you done to your CS lately?


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Since it's been over a month since anyone posted in the CS forums I thought I'd ask what you have been doing to your ride lately.....


I have installed the Shelby/Kicker door subs (the infinity's were making the subs sound sub par (pun intended...hehe)), put in a set of billet pedals and matching dead pedal, installed a billet fuel filler door and ordered a couple of spare sets of centre caps (my originals peeled).


Pics are from my iPhone so not the greatest quality...







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Washed it...lol..


I only drove the car twice this summer and now it's time to put it away again for the winter so all I had time to do was wash it .


I already have every mod I could possibly want and then some but I do have a spare engine I've been contemplating building from the ground up

to try and achieve another 100 ponies or so but I don't know if that will be this winter or not.

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