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My 2007 - the questions begin!


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Good Morning,


Well, we got the car all cleaned and detailed over the weekend - 2+ years of road grime and brake dust eliminated - what a difference!!!


I have started a list of questions so I thought I would start posting them here. Wasn't sure if I should list each one as it's own topic or just ask them all in one.


Will start with the most important one - service. The car has 54,000 kms on it. There was a window sticker on it showing that "Mr. Lube" did the last oil change - oh goodie.....


What is the best way to get caught up on where the car is service wise? Fluids, brakes, etc. Should I use my local dealer or would a speed shop perhaps be better? Do the Oasis reports exist in Canada or is that just a Ford US thing?


The manual shows 5W50 synthetic recommended. At least Mr. Lube was able to provide that. I used Royal Purple in my 68 but it doesn't make 5W50. I will be running from spring till fall here is southern Ontario. Would another viscosity do? Should I use Motorcraft oil or is there another alternative that you would recommend. A friend has said that Amsoil would be good.


All advice gladly accepted and much appreciated!



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There have been lots of discussions on oil and it will drive you nuts. When in doubt just use what came in the car. I have been happy with Motorcraft in mine. You can do it yourself but it is kind of messy when removing the filter. Speaking of filter go with the Ford racing filter. As for service find a good dealer and stick with them it will pay off later down the road when you need it. Oil change here in the us is about $100 so don't be surprised at the cost.

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I just changed mine on Monday. I use the recommend Motorcraft oil and filter.


Changing the filter was a little messy the first time that I did it. This time I took one of those thin aluminum pie pans and bent it to fit under the filter and formed the end into a spout aimed at the oil catch pan. It worked out great, the filter fell into the pie pan and the oil went into the catch pan. Only a few drips to clean up.



The oil was $60 and a few bucks for the filter. I had a half quart of oil left over from the last change so only need to by 6 this time.

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