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For the Si-Fi Geeks and thoase wanting to Live For Ever

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OK, many of you know me and know that I come up with some wierd Topics. This is one of those Topics. Some times wierd things just pop into my Head and won't leave, maybe it's because I have only had about 4 Hours total of Sleep in the last 7 Days, I don't know. Anyway, here is the Topic:


In 1992 a Si-Fi Movie was released titled "FREE JACK" and staring Emilio Estenez, Mick Jagger and Anthony Hopkins. It helps if you know the Movie.......... The main plot is that "Mind-Transplants" are possible so the Wealthy can Live on just by doing a "Mind-Transplant" into a Younger Body.


Do you think "Mind-Transplants" will ever be possible?

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