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FRPP Mufflers


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Can anyone tell me what the differences in sound I can expect between the following FRPP Mufflers on an otherwise stock 2010 GT500



M-5230-MSVTL Sport

M-5230-MSVTC Touring


Thanks in advance




I have the M-5320-MSVTL muffles on my stock 2010. Compared to the stock mufflers, you hear a lower rumble and these mufflers are a little louder in the cabin.

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As a general FYI, I think that the "Touring" mufflers are 50-state legal (inc. California) while the "Sport" ones are 49-state. As you live in the tiny state of Texas, this shouldn't concern you unless you're planning to move to this very normal/mainstream-America state, where all of our local/county/state governments are even more greedy for revenue right now than usual.

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