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Happy Birthday 96 Black Pony

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Tana & I took David out to dinner tonight to a place that he picked out for a great Italian dinner. Then we came back he had a great big cupcake that his sister gave him. BTW....David drove his very own Mustang to dinner tonight. He's been on the road now for a month by himself and doing great. I'm very proud of David and the man he is becoming. :salute: David is a junior this year in High School and also taking 3 of classes at Clark Community College.


Here are a few pic's of that Big cupcake his sister gave him.






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I cut back on his Featherlax rash-ins last year and he is retaining more of the beans now. I think that is why he is growing taller. It also cut down on the odors in Grabberville. :hysterical:


As you can see....It's working. happy%20feet.gif







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I was wondering when the pictures were coming, Rob!! LOL :hysterical:


David, you look so tanned. Been out in the sun in your new car?? :happy feet:




Too funny, we went camping for the first time in years. He spent alot of time out on the wave runner and he got some SUN!

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David is a good careful driver so far. But it doesn't seem to take long for any of us to become "Mario" when we get behind the wheel. :shift:


So here's wishin and hopin that he won't drive any faster than the angels guarding him can fly. :hysterical:

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