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2007 Mustang GT500 goes 194.9 at Mojave Mile


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As the title states:




A friend of mine sent me this since my stated goal has been "190+ MPH @ Mojave".


I see a Super Snake gauge pod on the dash but the hood and hood stripes indicate it's not a SS or it's a SS with a stock hood and double stripes (perhaps just for the Mile run???). The blower whine tells me it's a KB supercharger of some unknown displacement but other than that, there is very little information on what mods it has or does not have.


The caption states "A completely street legal 2007 Mustang GT500 goes194.9 MPH at the Mojave" but....street legal, WHERE? In California, where the Mojave Mile is located?


I am wondering how loose the term "street legal" is in this case.


Does anyone know the car or driver?



Phill Pollard - Co. Springs, CO

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