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Picking out New Clutch


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Well, A couple runs down the strip with my Street ETs last weekend finally did in my stock clutch. I should have upgraded sooner, but such is life. Now on to getting a new one. There are lots of threads on here about clutches. It seems that most have upgraded to Ram or Spec units. Seems most people are happy with their sellections, however a good number of these reviews seem to be fairly soon after the install. Would anyone change their views now that you have put on some significant miles on the new units?


I am currently thinking of going with a Spec Super Twin. I am debating whether I go with the SS or the P Trim. It is only $200 difference, but would I give up any streetability? Bottom line is I am not a hard core drag racer and most of my miles are on the street and highway. Currently I have the 2.8KB with the 725HP tune. I may look at upgrading HP in the future, so I am thinking for $200 now I won't have to worry about a further upgrade later. Or is it even worth it. 900 ft-lb is a lot of torque with the SS-Trim.


Thoughts from the team members with the SS or P trim? Thank you.




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