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2012 Shelby


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This is my first performance Mustang and I do believe that I've fallen in love. Seems since June 17th when I took delivery I just can't stay out of this car. All I want to do is drive it. My wife has begun to call the Shelby "The Other Woman" . Not really sure what it is yet, but I know I'm so in love with Darkside that I'm at a point it comes before everything. I traded in what I thought was my ultimate car (2010 SS/RS Camaro) for the Shelby. It's only been a few months and I've forgotten how the car even handled. Possessed by the Cobra. At first I thought I was going to like it and what I had to go through with the dealer to finally take delivery was not good. I'm sure there are some really great dealers out there, but the one I got my from is an horror story.


I can now understand when I hear all the stories from owners about how they love their cars. The Shelby is just totally awesome. Road trip coming up and I can't wait.

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I'm just not into black wheels. It's the younger generation that like the stealth look when it comes to wheels.


I've purchased a set of American Racing Torque Thrust IIs and Nitto Invos. Fellow member in Colorado has agreed to purchase my take offs. The car will look so much better with the new rims. Pictures once I figure out how to post.

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I've purchased a set of American Racing Torque Thrust IIs.


The car will look so much better with the new rims.



Please tell me you are kidding. Is it 1998?


Torque Thrust IIs are the most played out aluminum rim in history, you cant walk 10 feet without seeing a set at car show and the owners are usually sitting in lawn chairs behind their car. I cant even imagine how they'd look on a 2012 GT500 due to their popularity among the vintage muscle car guys.


Why dont you just paint them a lighter color like the silver RTR's or FRPP's








rant over

Its your car do with it as you please.

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I'm making a list now. Any good suggestions?


KB to start with.

Change wheels and tires

Suspension upgrades

Brake upgrades




I like the SVTPP wheels, not black, but dark grey. I'm sure if you wanted them chromed you could try http://uswheelexchange.com/

If you search the site you'll see that others have used them.


As for suspension upgrades, look to see what others with the SVTPP have done in the forum.

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Black rims, w/black car does nothing for me. I'm just to old school I guess. I'm still in love with Crager SSs. You people who love the blacked out wheels can have them. They just aren't for me. Different strokes for different folks. What ever flicks your bic!!

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I also dont care for black wheels on a black car but you have the most bad ass rims ever put on a mustang and you can achieve a KILLER look with simply re-coating them vs buying cheepo non forged cragers that will never perform as good as the factory PP rims/ tires.






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