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Transmission problems

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  • 1 month later...

Ive driven a laguna seca, a stock Boss, and a blown Boss...


There is something to the Boss LS I really liked, and it may have just been my own mind, since the Boss and the LS should feel pretty much the same.


The Blown Boss was something completely different. Pick up the latest issue of Fast Fords that will hit the stands in about 2 weeks, and you will understand what I am talking about.


The Boss is built for road racing, and I had my a$$ handed to me last night by that one on a drag strip. (And I had drag radials to boot) But the Boss with a 3.6 KB has me by a full 150 HP, and I am far and away above 624 at this point...


If you want the BIGGEST thing that stands out between the GT350 and the Boss? Its not the performance at all. It is the simple fact that I can tear into the Boss without fear of breaking something and getting it replaced. There is a great relief in being able to drive to your nearest Ford dealer to get something fixed.


But performance wise, a 624 R tune GT350 trumps a stock Boss. (an unfair comparison mind you- sc vs. na)

Rated for road course driving, it would go like this for me:

1. GT350 R tune (with LCA, UCA, Watts link and driveshaft)

2. Boss LS

3. Boss

4. Boss 3.6 - I dont think it would be very fun on a road course....WAY too much power. I spent more time sideways just going down a public road than facing forward.


For drag racing:

1. Boss w/ KB 3.6

2. GT350 R tune (with UCA, LCAs, driveshaft, and MUST HAVE drag radials)

3. Boss or Boss LS


Bottom line, if you want to road race, and can somehow get spare parts easily, the GT350 wins hands down. Otherwise I would get a Laguna Seca if you go a lot and dont want to possibly be delayed getting something fixed.


If you want to Drag race, I put the Boss 3.6 above any other build out there. You will see 10s out of this car, but I dont have timeslips since it isnt my car...I just observed. I expect to see HP numbers north of the best 2012 Supersnakes HP in short time and it can be had for about 50k including the car....thats just jaw dropping.


I have had zero issues with my tranny. MY understanding is there was a period of time that Ford went to a secondary supplier for some small part that is the culprit, and it affected some period of builds but I dont have specifics as I quit caring after I heard my car isnt affected.hysterical.gif

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Hope OP gets this issue resolved to his satisfaction....




I have not had any problems. 8900 miles including 6 all out snot thrashing track days. Fingers are crossed and now beating on the Boss instead! Good luck.




Tony... I'm proud of you for driving that GT350 like you stole it. :burnout:


Too many people sit on them and don't enjoy.





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I would like to bring this topic up again. I am considering a 2011 GT350 w/ 525hp and would like to know if anyone is having issues with the Getrag MT-82 now that more time has passed. I would probably have the 624 and tune done to the car and I am a little concerned about the tranny holding up. Any info would be appreciated.

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I have a 624HP being built right now at SAI as a GTS.


It has the MT-82 Getrag.


Give me a few months and I will let you know if it is holding up.


I'm a bit skeptical it will hold up well, but maybe it will surprise me.


It whined right away after buying it, and to me it's loud, but was shifting really well at 500 miles as a stock GT.

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I guess there is the Tremec Magnum XL 6 speed that supposedly drops in and bolts on but I'd like to see others test it for a while first.

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I have 19K miles on mine with no issues. As a precaution, I did drain the trans and fill with Ford's recommended fluid. I drive my car most days in stop and go traffic and have tracked it numerous times.

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