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Hot Times Kool Cars 8/28/2011 18th Annual Show


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Sunday is the Hot Times Kool Cars show at the Arvada Performing Arts complex. This is a show put on by local firefighters to support the Children's Hospital Burn Center. This show is always awsome with over 500 cars. Over $1,200,000 have been raised over the past 17 years by the show for the burn center. I will be there, but my Shelby probably will not as I am bringing our Fire Departments freshly 10 year restored 1915 Republic fire truck. They also have a car raffle every year. This year is a 2011 Camaro SS. Hey, I can always sell it to buy a Mustang! The pictures on the web site of the give away car also have a fire truck in the back ground, that is our new platform arial for Brighton Fire. I love that thing! Anyhow, this is a great show and fun for all. Please come out and support if you can. You spend some time at the burn center, and you truely appreciate what the rest of us have......



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