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Pypes Bombs


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Are they a little longer than the stock units ? They seem to be sticking out a little further .

Sound wise , how are they compared to the Roush units.



both have no drone


pypes sounds a race car and to me, sound like the roush at WOT, but about 1.5 times louder


The pypes and roush overall length are both farther than stock and come out a good looking distance. the roush distance is slightly adjustable since the tips are fastened on and have a little leeway as to how far in/out you like them. Pypes I have are the chrome ones, and they have a very good finish that was looking good when i took them off. I think the black ones would look good.


Not a ton of popping from the pypes, but sometimes youll have some like when your exhaust is still cold and not up to full temp or if your running rich. Overall, I like the roush all around better. For track use and those who like to be noticed, the pypes will definitely do that for you.

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