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Map Light Accent Trim Installed

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I installed the Shelby Map Light Accent Trim and took some pictures of my work. There has been previous posts of difficulty installing the map light covers. These can be installed without modifying the buttons or covers. You only need to disassemble the map light buttons from the unit and press the covers on and reassemble. If you try to install the covers without doing this you risk breaking the buttons. First remove the map light assembly from the car. Remove the two torx screws that hold the cover under the map light, next remove the switch. At this point you can remove the push button and press on your cover. Reverse the assembly and place back in the car. All pieces just snap in. Use a gentle hand and nothing should break. My directions are crude and some of the pictures are blurry but this can be done. -Kevin








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It's a nice touch that adds some bling to an otherwise dull head area... You may have the corners lift on you. I added some 3M tape, which remedied the problem. I had no problems w/the buttons... slid right on. I added some 3M tape to them as well.


I removed the tape that was supplied with the kit and replaced it with 3M red tape. I did not add any tape to my buttons. Not everyone will have difficulty placing the covers on the buttons. -Kevin

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