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If your into Meteor Showers........Stay Up Tonight

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Actually, you will want to get up early tomorrow morning. Tonight we have a full moon so watching will be difficult, but not impossible. There is a brief window between moonset and sunrise were your chances improve. Here in North Texas the moon will set around 6am and sunrise will be around 6:40. During that :40-:45min you will need to look to the North North East at roughly 75degrees or look for Cassiopeia. The Persied shower is know for the constellation Perseus but they will actually be radiating closer to Cassiopeia which is just a few degrees higher in the sky. At the showers peak it's expected to have ~100 meteors an hour. The moon just isn't cooperating this year. I was up early this morning and only saw one before cloud cover rolled in.


Yes, I'm a geek for this kind of thing.

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