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Shelby GT500 spotted leaving Las Vegas


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I was wondering if anyone here had their GT500 at Shelby HQ in Las Vegas last week? I spotted one at the Mesquite exit at 7:30 p.m. which would put the owner leaving Shelby HQ at ~6:00 p.m.


I was on my way back home from Cali to CO on Monday 8/8/11 when I came up on a Blue GT500 coupe with White (or Silver) OTT stripes. It was being towed on a open car trailer and was wrapped in semi-clear (blue-ish tint) plastic so I couldn't see it well enough to tell what year or era of car it was (i.e. the hood vent/s or the Snake on left/right side of the grille) or for that matter if it might have had a KR hood on it. But I did note the double stripes so I know it wasn't a Super Snake.


It also had Alcoa Dura-Bright wheels on it but I couldn't tell if they were 18's or 20's. They looked like they were most likely 18's so I suspect it was a GT500KR. The S-H-E-L-B-Y was all the way across the back rather than on the left side so either someone modded it or it was a later model car (or do KR"s have it spread across the back?).


The car was Eastbound on I-15 right at the Mesquite (last NV) exit at 7:30 p.m. on Monday night (August 8, 2011) and it was being towed by a new or newer dark colored Ford pick-up truck. It was just getting dark so I couldn't tell for sure what color it was but it looked black. The truck had a "dealer plate" on the front so it was apparently a pretty new truck. Not a dealer license plate but a plate the dealers put on new cars to show the dealership name.


I was in a dark colored 2011 Ford Flex that pulled up behind, then passed to the left then crossed over in front of the truck and let the truck pass me on my left while I took the Mesquite (last NV) exit for my usual first night stay.


That is right on the NV/AZ boarder and I see you're from AZ so I thought "just maybe"....


If it wasn't you, is there anyone else here that had their car at Shelby and picked it up on Monday, Aug. 8th?


I'm just wondering who it was and if it was someone from this forum.


I'm guessing it was coming out of the Shelby Mod shop since it wasn't a Super Snake.



Small Shelby world,

Phill Pollard - CoS, CO

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